Fall Colors

Fall Colors

For some, the changing colors of the leaves in the trees signals a sad end to summer.One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked that pertains to fall foliage travel, is When is the Best Time to see the changing of the leaves? Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are the states for fall foliage in New England. The region with the most spectacular color during this time are the areas which have maples, birch and other trees that have leaves that change color. You can see fall foliage as far south as Georgia and the Carolina’s, as well as some areas of the Midwest. Mother Nature paints her pictures in every shade in the spectrum, from the deepest oil colors of the reds and purples to the delicate pastels of the yellows and greens. The A number of factors are responsible for the leaves to change color. Too little moisture can cause the trees to display fall colors later in the season, and then lose their leaves early. Alternatively, too much water is associated with many cloudy overcast days, the leaves change color a bit earlier, colors will not be as vibrant. The further north you go, the earlier the peak. Use a digital cameras for taking pictures in the outdoors of autumn leaves and the nice colors of fall foliage.